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Keep on editing,
or return to writing?

Dear Coach:

I’m a copy editor, but I have a chance to go back to reporting. I enjoy both. The reporting job is a good beat – county government. But I also think that staying on the copy desk will help me move up the editing ladder. I can’t make up my mind. What’s your opinion? -- Two Minded

Dear Minded:

My opinion doesn’t matter.

What matters is what your heart tells you.

Here is how to find out:

Take out a piece of paper. On one side, list the pros and cons of staying on the copy desk.

On the other, list the pros and cons of moving back to reporting.

Call one side heads, the other tails.

Flip a coin.

Whatever comes up, that’s the decision.

Then, once that decision is made for you, how does your heart respond to the news?

If it feels good, relieved, satisfied, then it’s the right decision.

If it feels unsettled and worried, it’s the wrong one.

Then that is the real answer.

And guess what? No choice you make in matters like these is unalterable.

That’s my opinion.

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