Tony Gonzalez

Tony Gonzalez

Hometown: Lake Zurich, Ill.

College: Hillsdale College

Host newspaper: The Detroit News

What I know about my internship newspaper:
I've met four Detroit News staff members in the past semester. Editorial Page Editor Nolan Finley teaches a class at my college, and I've encountered other reporters and editors at various Michigan conferences. The News and the Detroit Free Press compete on weekdays.

What I'll be doing at my internship newspaper:
I will be assigned to the metro desk, working in the main newsroom or rotating through the bureaus.

How I got interested in journalism:
I thought I was a creative writer until sophomore year of high school when I attended a newspaper meeting with my girlfriend. I realized journalism wasn't just boring, formulaic writing.

What I'll pack:
Books, records, my Scrabble board, my favorite bowl, a bike and bowling shoes.

What I do for fun:
Juggling, swing dancing, driving.

Favorite Web site(s):,,